Multigenerational Planning–How are your communities planning for a diverse and aging population?

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How are your communities planning for a diverse and aging population?

In Delaware, the Delaware Population Consortium projects that our State will need to build an additional 86,880 new housing units between 2010 and 2030 to accommodate Delaware’s growing population. Further, the Consortium’s projections show a 71% increase in the State’s population of residents 60 years of age and over between 2010 and 2030.

There is no question that many of those 86,880 new housing units will have to serve some of the unique needs of older residents. However, would it also surprise you to know that older adults, families with young children, and the young adult population share many common needs, interests and concerns? (1 (see reference at bottom))

In Delaware, the concept of the Complete Community is being promoted ( As an occupational therapist that specializes in space planning and design of inclusive homes and communities, a complete community to me is one that provides access to a variety of inclusive housing types, access to goods and services as well as multimodal transportation options for all residents regardless of age or ability level.

It is a community that has been planned and designed for all potential residents, regardless of age or ability level, taking into consideration a variety of human factors—this is a universal design approach which addresses usability holistically, integrating features into the environment that provide ease of use, convenience and safety for every resident. Universal Design, as a component of Complete Communities, supports Multigenerational Planning, or planning for all groups without exclusion.


Main Article:

“Multigenerational Planning in Delaware”, retrieved from



(1) Multigenerational Planning: using smart growth and universal design to link the needs of children and the aging population, retrieved from:


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