Is there an ‘Agrihood’ in your community? Is it inclusive?

August 18, 2015 at 7:25 am Leave a comment

A complete community is one that provides its residents access to fresh food–the idea of an ‘Agrihood’ takes it one step further, with the planning of the development around a functional farm, instead of adding the services in to make up for what might be lacking.

I am a fan of communities collaborating with local farms to help provide access to fresh food, however, the article points out that many of the homes in this community are from the mid $400,000s, so not quite inclusive. In Delaware, the Food Bank runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, whereby they partner with local growers to provide all Delawareans, regardless of income level, the opportunity to participate. Each sponsor share helps to subsidize 2.5 shares for families in need. This is an excellent way to get fresh, and local produce out to any resident within the community. Perhaps the ‘Agrihoods’ might consider a modified CSA model to maximize inclusivity.

Further, with consideration to the community garden—The community garden is a common ground for civic engagement by growing plants that will provide a local resource for fresh produce. Families, friends, and neighbors can all share in the cultivation of the garden and a sense of place. The space plan and design of the community garden are important with regard to allowing for a variety of users to safely and easily participate in this community project. Integrating universal design features into this design allows for access to the plants by persons of different heights and reach ranges as well as from a seated or standing level. Inclusive design also provides for injury protection from excessive bending, kneeling, lifting, reaching or gripping to maximize safety and participation in meaningful activities. Raised planters appear to have been integrated into the design, however, do you think this space plan is inclusive?


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